Teaching Method

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Teaching Method

VirtAc’s instructors are experts in the subject matter they teach: they possess several years of teaching and industry working experience. Upon registration, all our students will be enrolled as GMU students and will use the Blackboard (Bb) learning management system (LMS) for asynchronous training and synchronous help sessions. Our classes are instructor-led where the instructor posts prerecorded modules and lab sessions in Bb for students to view at any time of the day or night from any part of the world. This is a feature not available from live, in-class courses. To ensure students are not left on their own or feel isolated when they have questions, our seasoned instructors hold weekly, real-time synchronous interactive sessions in Bb using its synchronous Collaborate tool.

Since most courses are technical, we want students to learn via practical exercises on our intensive simulated lab sessions.

Students of our Cisco certification preparatory courses are also enrolled in Cisco Networking Academy’s NetSpace LMS where they have access to all the learning modules and exams, and the powerful network simulation Packet Tracer software. This is possible because we are a Cisco Academy and an Academy Support Center.

There is more good news for the students preparing for the CCNA, CCNA Security and CompTIA certification exams. Upon completion of the CCNA preparatory courses with a 75% or better score, the student is provided a 60% discount voucher to apply towards the CCNA or CCNA Security certification exam fees. CompTIA certification exam discount vouchers are available for students completing the CompTIA courses. Certification exams may be taken at our Pearson VUE testing center or at any other authorized Pearson VUE testing centers.