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Cisco certifications are some of the most widely sought after IT field certifications available today. Ranging from installation, operation, and troubleshooting of a small network branch to deploying computer network routers to developing a security infrastructure, we will give you all the tools and education you need to succeed as a professional in the IT field.


This course focuses on the primary aspects of data communications, including a study of the Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) and Internet models. Students will start at Layer 1 with the study of various Layer 1 interface and cabling configurations. Layer 2 involves Ethernet-switching components, including detailed configuration covering all aspects of switches using the command-line interface method. Moving up the OSI layers, students will learn security protocols and do static routing, EIGRP and OSPF configurations. Concentration on layers 4 through 7 include studying TCP, UDP, data reliability, and error correction methods, on the ladder to the FTP, HTTP, SMTP, DNS, and TFTP protocols of Layer 7.

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