Louis D’Alessandro

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Louis D’Alessandro

Mr. D’Alessandro is a professional telecommunications executive with over forty years of engineering, operations, planning, financial management, and computer services experience in leading and advising organizations providing telecommunications services. Mr. D’Alessandro had a 34-year career at AT&T in the engineering, operations, and marketing departments. Most recently he served as Vice President at SAIC as Task Leader of the STARS-SMI INS Data Communications Support Group in Washington, DC supporting the Immigration and Naturalization Services.

After retiring from AT&T he was the General Manager for International Systems at Hekimian Laboratories for seven years and then founded Telecom Consult International, Inc. in 1993 now known as Vision Networks, Inc., (VNI) a firm dedicated to information technology systems integration. The firm has been involved in telecom infrastructure projects in South Africa, Canada, Israel, Croatia, Bosnia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Egypt, Philippines, Thailand, and Tunisia. More recently VNI was contracted by The U. S. Citizenship and Immigration services to architect its databases. In 2003 VNI was contracted by West Virginia University to support automated litigation support for the U. S. Attorneys.

He has experience that addresses many facets of telecommunications and requirements necessary to architect large telephone and data communications networks including network management and helpdesk operations. In performing these tasks, his experience and expertise was recognized by representing his clients in a distinguished manner in worldwide standards and technical committees. In addition, Mr. D’Alessandro is a current FAA Certified Flight Instructor and has complete knowledge of the air traffic control system as both a user and implementer.

Mr. D’Alessandro earned his B.S. in Electrical Engineering at Drexel University and M.S. in Telecommunications at George Washington University.