Tech Center

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The VirtAc Tech Center contains free tutorials on specific student interest areas such as securing Tomcat in the cloud, setting up portable software development platforms and various Java skills. Click on any of the icons to start learning.

Securing Tomcat with client and server PKI certificates


How do you secure Tomcat for both the client and server? This series explores the methods to setup TLS communication and PKI authentication between the server and the client. Also you will learn how to develop your certificate trust chain with openssl.

Building a bootable USB drive for software development

] USB Drive This series will explorer how to create a bootable USB drive which can be used for both Windows and Linux software development and maintenance tasks. This portable development environment is useful when you lack administrator rights or need Linux on a system that only boots to Windows.

Java skills


How strong are your Java skills? This series highlights common areas of confusion with Java. The lectures in the playlist (click on the icon to choose) include:

  • showInputDialog returns what? We investigate what JOptionPane’s method showInputDialog returns for different user selections.
  • Default Constructor Dilemma: When does the Java compiler automatically insert a constructor into a class. This video answers that question.
  • Copying Arrays In Java: Describes the difference between copying array references and copying array objects.
  • Empty Strings vs Empty Object References In Java: The video describes what empty strings are in Java and how to compare them. Empty strings are often confused with nulls and compared using the == operator with unfortunate results