VirtAc on YouTube

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The GMU Virtual Academy has added the VirtAc YouTube channel. The channel offers short videos on a variety of topics. Specific examples include:

  • showInputDialog returns what? We investigate what JOptionPane’s method showInputDialog returns for different user selections.
  • Default Constructor Dilemma: When does the Java compiler automatically insert a constructor into a class. This video answers that question.
  • Copying Arrays In Java: Describes the difference between copying array references and copying array objects.
  • Empty Strings vs Empty Object References In Java: The video describes what empty strings are in Java and how to compare them. Empty strings are often confused with nulls and compared using the == operator with unfortunate results
  • Setting up SSL and PKI using Tomcat Part 1: Sets up the VM on AWS and installs Tomcat
  • Setting up SSL and PKI using Tomcat Part 2: This session continues part 1 by setting up APR and OpenSSL with Tomcat native libraries. This will allow SSL and PKI to be used in part 3.
  • Setting up SSL and PKI using Tomcat Part 3a: We continue the discussion of setting up HTTPS in Tomcat by summarizing the procedure used