Hemant Purohit
Hemant Purohit, Ph.D. Assistant Professor, Information Sciences & Technology Department, George Mason University
Lead, Humanitarian, Semantics & Informatics Lab (HSIL)

Research: Social Computing | Web Mining | Semantic Computing | Intent Mining | Disaster Resilience
Applications: #Smart_Communities | #Decision_Support | #Cyber_Deception

Check news on the IJCAI-2017 and IJCAI-2016 Semantic Machine Learning Workshops (#SML16,#SML17)


Research Interest: study human behavior on the Web via an interdisciplinary approach of Computer and Psychological Sciences, for addressing the fundamental problem of information overload on a human mind. Specifically, I model individual behavior (e.g., intent, comprehension, and engagement) in offline and online social environments, to help reduce the information overload in supporting individual and group decision making. This research is employed in the design of systems for social good in future smart communities for a variety of domains, including natural crises (e.g., hurricanes), societal crises (e.g., migration, gender violence), and human crises (e.g., terrorism, cyber attacks).

My specific technical interest is to fuse top-down and bottom-up data mining approaches for developing explainable models by learning with prior knowledge (domain semantics and cognitive & social theories), which can help in both explaining and predicting individual and group behavior from unstructured social, open Web, and IoT data at scale.

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I enjoy teaching the topics related to semantic computing and data analytics with hands-on projects. I teach the following courses at Volgenau:
  • AIT 582. Applications of Metadata for Complex Big Data Problems
  • AIT 664. Information: Representation, Processing and Visualization
  • AIT 734. Advanced Web Analytics Using Semantics

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For current students, check our HSIL research group page.

Prospective students: Do you like challenging real world data analytics problems for social good? If interested in Ph.D. and MS/BS-thesis, you can connect via email at h p u r o h i t _a_t_ g m u _d_o_t_ e d u .

Prospective collaborators: I also enjoy working with passionate researchers as well as always welcome synergistic projects, so please do connect via email.