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Please look under different categories for available sessions.
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Please look under different categories for available sessions.

Room : Engineering Building, room 1101
Facilitator: Malika Grayson, Principal System Engineer
Company: Northrop Grumman

Description: In this session we will discuss elements of engineering and focus on how engineering is applied in our everyday lives including one of the most innovate creations of our century: The James Webb Telescope. We will focus on how engineering has been applied to the JWTS development and learn some fun facts!

Facilitator: Mingjie Jiang, Community Manager
Company: Hack Club / The Hack Foundation (

Description: Back in summer of 2018, a small group of high schoolers from all over the United States hosted a 24-hour event at the Civic Opera Building in center of Chicago. With 200+ high school students in attendance and over $22,000 in budget, it has been the Midwest’s largest high school hackathon. Join us this session to learn about how they accomplished their goals, and why you should attend or lead your own hackathon, too.

Facilitator: Kirthi Kumar, SheSoft Founder and CEO
Company: SheSoft (non-profit) and Sophomore at Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology (

Description: : Looking for inspiration for a STEM project? This is the right session for parents to inspire their children to get them engaged in ever growing Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) fields. Have an idea? SheSoft can guide students on how to convert an idea into a computer science project. Students can learn step-by-step building blocks for SheSoft projects. Students can get their questions answered on how to explore projects in Scratch, JAVA, Python, Aurdrio UNO, App Inventor, MATLAB, and others. After submitting their projects, participants can attend all-day hands-on conference at George Mason University inspired by speakers and industry experts in technology.
Facilitator: David Binning, Instructor, Civil Engineering
Company: George Mason University

Description: Have you ever watched water flow downhill? Have you ever seen the water suddenly JUMP and start to flow much deeper and slower? We'll make water jump in the civil engineering hydraulics laboratory. You'll have a chance to operate a hydraulic model and see how it travels over dams, under gates and how to make it jump. Join us for this hands on chance to play with amazing water!
Facilitator: Shanjiang Zhu

Description: In this session, we run a traffic simulation model to simulate three signalized intersections around Mason campus. Students will have the opportunity to play with different signal plans and see the impact of signal coordination and optimization.
Facilitator: Frank Jenkins, Director of Land Surveying/ VP
Company: VIKA Virginia, LLC

Description: An overview of Land Surveying.
Facilitator: Xiang Chen, Assistant Professor
Company: George Mason University

Description: We'll look at the defining characteristics of VR, some of the technology used in VR systems, a few of its applications, some concerns about virtual reality and a brief history of the discipline. In the next section, we'll look at how experts define virtual environments, starting with immersion.
Facilitator: Vivian Genaro Motti, Professor
Company: George Mason University

Description: Wearable computers have become more popular recently. Thanks to their versatility wearable computers have been applied in entertainment, fitness, education and healthcare. A number of form factors exist, but wrist-worn devices including smartwatches and fitness trackers as well as head-mounted displays used for virtual reality games stand out as the most popular wearable technologies in use nowadays. Wearable devices are used continuously, in close contact to the user body and they are able to collect a lot of data about the users. To ensure that such devices are easy to use and comfortable for end users, it is essential to carefully consider human factors when designing novel applications. This talk gives an overview on wearable technologies, focusing on the users’ perspectives. In a hands-on activity, you will also have the opportunity to build your own wearable prototype.

Room : Johnson Center 327, Meeting room C
Facilitator: Yue Hao
Company: George Washington University

Description: Origami is an ancient art of paper crafting that finds many new applications in robotics, manufacturing, and architectures. Researchers have recently explored several exciting frontiers in origami engineering, including self-folding robots that can transform between shapes, super-compact deployable satellite solar panels, and green buildings with foldable facade. Topics of this session will include a presentation and hand-on activities in folding and unfolding three-dimensional polyhedra, and the motion planning of the self-folding robots.
Facilitator: Chola Chhetri
Company: George Mason University

Description: The adoption of smart home technologies has been growing in past years. According to Gartner, about ten percent of households have smart devices. In this talk, we will discuss smart home technologies, their purposes, benefits and concerns. We will also discuss potential implications of smart home devices on users' privacy.
Facilitator: Brian S Moran, Founder
Company: Boolean Girl Inc

Description: In this hands on session learn how to build commonly used circuits to connect sensors, lights, and motors to a Raspberry Pi or Arduino. The circuits and sensors discussed for the basis of many other projects including alarm systems, build it yourself robots, game controllers, weather stations and more. The session will also discuss how to integrate sensors into coding projects in Python and Scratch.
Facilitator: Don Almeida, DEVOPS Manager
Company: Carefirst Blue Cross Blue Sheild

Description: As of January 2019 there are more than 2.1 million apps in the Apple App Store available for download and another 2.4 million apps in the Google play store. Mobile development is quickly becoming a "must have" for organizations to improve their reach to their customers. Come see how you can build Apps for the App Store in just under 20 minutes. You will get a chance to see first hand how engineers and developers think and build apps for their organizations. You will also get a chance to take home few important links that will help you build your own iOS apps.
Facilitator: Marty Rothwell
Company: FCPS

Description: This will explore how robots make decisions based on sensors interacting with their environment.
Facilitator: Shani E Ross, Term Assistant Professor
Company: George Mason University

Description: Bioengineering is an exciting interdisciplinary field involving the application of engineering concepts and tools to solve problems in biology and in medicine. The mission of the Bioengineering Department at Mason is to create new knowledge and technology at the interface between engineering and bioscience to improve human health through research and education. During this session, you will learn about our department, the field of Bioengineering, including the sub-disciplines from nanotechnology to prosthetics. Topics include Biomaterials, Biomechanics, Computational Neuroscience, Medical Imaging, Neuroengineering, and Tissue Engineering.
Facilitator: Katie Selmer, Vice President
Company: Biomedical Engineering Society

Description: There will be different biomedical devices that students can test out.
Facilitator: Bhavjeet Sanghera

Description: The workshop will introduce the central nervous system encompassing the brain and spinal cord and the function of the brain. The three parts of the brain, cerebrum, cerebellum and brain stem, including the hemispheres, lobes, and their functions will be explained. Brain cells or Neurons, their important parts such as the axon, dendrites will be introduced along with their function and biological neural networks. An interactive activity will be utilized to model action potentials of the neuron. Neuroscience and its applications in artificial intelligence, specifically through neural networks will be taught through a hands-on activity of testing neural networks. Topics will also cover Neurodegenerative diseases and tumors of the brain and how medical imaging is helping in diagnosis and treatment of these.
Facilitator: Jeffrey Moran
Company: George Mason University

Description: Oobleck (corn starch mixed with water) is strange stuff indeed. Oobleck is an example of a non-Newtonian fluid, meaning it gets more or less viscous ("thicker" or "thinner") depending on how hard you stir it. We will make homemade oobleck and explore its unusual properties. You might be surprised at how common non-Newtonian fluids are in the real world.
Facilitator: Dr. Jim Jones
Company: George Mason University

Description: Deleted digital files don't usually go away immediately. Instead, some or all of the original file persists over time, and the file "decays" over time, much like an ancient artifact in traditional archaeology. In this workshop, you'll see how digital files are stored and deleted on digital media, and you'll recover and interpret the remnants of previously deleted files.
Facilitator: Mark Nagurney, Network Administration Teacher
Company: Fairfax County Public Schools

Description: An interactive intro to the this exciting school level cybersecurity competition.
Facilitator: Scott J. White, Director & Associate Professor
Company: The George Washington University

Description: Risk Assessment can be defined as a structured and systematic procedure for identifying hazards and evaluating risks in order to prioritize decisions to reduce risks to an acceptable level. The overall objective of this workshop is to demonstrate and layout approaches for risk management as they relate to information technology.
Facilitator: Dr. David Loveall
Company: FBI

Description: One of the first things that people learn about digital forensics is that files "recycled" on a computer aren't necessarily gone. This hands on workshop teaches what happens when a file is deleted and demonstrates a few methods for recovery.
Facilitator: Michael Briscoe, Educator-in-Residence
Company: American Society of Naval Engineers

Description: The American Society of Naval Engineers has a free naval engineering video game. Students and families can play the game during the exhibition and download it at home to continue engineering. Everything in our program is free and we actually have $1,000 grants for organizations that can use FLEET as part of their STEM outreach.

Facilitator: Leigh McCue
Company: George Mason University

Description: This session will demonstrate an app-based approach to fishing vessel safety interventions - come check out how a phone can tell a fisherman if he's in danger.
Facilitator: Katie Selmer, President
Company: Society of Women Engineers

Description: We will have an activity that students can complete at the booth.
Facilitator: Jeremy Glovitch, Systems Engineering Manager
Company: Cisco Systems

Description: Cisco Systems in Education.
Facilitator: Afnan Ali, STEM Intern
Company: NOVA Systemic

Description: A demo showing how code and technology can be used to automate sorting.
Facilitator: David Rudo, Student Researcher
Company: George Mason University

Description: With a Parrot Bebop 1, learn about drone hijacking through ARP spoofing. A demonstration of a Parrot Bebop 1 being controlled from one mobile device and then hijacked to another will be on display for all to see. Learn about the various vulnerabilities of consumer drones and how they can be hijacked.
Room : Research Hall, room 163
Facilitator: Jon Brown (game programmer), Orin Adcox (game artist),
Evan Smith (game 3D artist), Tyler VanVierssen (game programmer)
Company: George Mason University

Description: Students will learn about careers in game design, and the roles that programming and the arts play in the creation of serious and entertainment games. They will have the opportunity to test drive portable VR gear, and explore the Unity game engine as they learn what it takes to make a 2D and 3D game. Our instructors will also challenge students to imagine the games of the future, and how games can impact our world in surprising ways.

Room : Innovation Hall, room 203
Facilitator: Ed Water

Description: Learn at this workshop, how to create a highly engaging and powerful Alexa Skill. Also learn about the key resources needed for using BigParser APIs for building powerful voice, web and mobile experiences. All attendees will get a chance to apply for the BigParser Voice AI Training course and Voice Skill Creator certification.

Room : Johnson Center, room 239A
Facilitator: JIlhan Izmirli

Description: What is Statistics? We will start this presentation by a brief historical overview of statistics. We will then talk about some major points of interest in statistics such as data collection, experimental and observational studies, and rudiments of inferential statistics. We will conclude the presentation by mentioning potential misuses of statistics. No prior knowledge of statistics is needed.

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