"To lead inclusive excellence and innovation in teaching, research, and service in addressing societal problems with information science and technology" 

Welcome from the Chair

IST offers one of the most popular degrees at Mason – the BS in IT – a unique program not only at Mason but across the Commonwealth of Virginia. We prepare students to address one of the greatest challenges facing the knowledge society – how to derive actionable insights from the vast reservoirs of information and data available to us by using innovative technologies and techniques.  

We believe that to leverage IT effectively we need to understand the extraordinary complexity of information that surrounds us and discover principles and processes that can help us use available resources effectively. Furthermore, we need to develop an applied understanding of different domains, their associated problems, and possible solutions.

At IST our vision is to expand human capabilities for social good through the application of information sciences and information technology. To accomplish our mission, we engage and educate the best and brightest; conduct leading‐edge research that integrates people, information and technology; and, contribute our expertise, both human and technical, to address global problems and challenges. 

We offer a suite of programs that prepare graduates for the workforce. As you browse this website, you can see for yourself the breadth and depth of our department’s capabilities. 

Ozlem Uzuner, Ph.D. 
(Acting Chair) 

Acting Department Chair