Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I schedule an academic advising appointment?

Appointments with undergraduate and graduate academic advisors can be scheduled here.

Where can I find my program requirements?

All program requirements are available in the university catalog.

The current catalog year is what automatically populates. Search prior catalog years in the catalog archives.

Undergraduate FAQs

How do I declare/change my concentration?

Catalogs 2015-2016 and before: Fill out the Change/Declaration of Academic Program form and email it to bsit@gmu.edu for review/processing.


Catalogs 2016-present: Students must earn a B or higher or XS in (or have transfer credit for) the associated gateway course(s), as outlined in the university catalog. Once this grade has been achieved in the respective course(s), fill out the Change/Declaration of Academic Program form and email it to bsit@gmu.edu for review/processing.

How do I take a semester or more off?

Fill out a Leave of Absence form and submit it to bsit@gmu.edu for advisor signature. The advisor will return this to you so you can obtain any additional necessary signatures.

I am a transfer student and some of my courses are missing from my transcript, what do I do?

If you are missing any transfer credits from your evaluation, please submit a Transfer Credit Inquiry Form to Transfer Admissions. If you were awarded elective credit for a course and wish to have it re-evaluated as equivalent to a specific Mason course, please complete the Transfer Credit Re-evaluation Appeal Form.

All students are responsible for providing their final transcript to the Office of Admissions. Transfer credit evaluations are considered final upon completion of the first academic year of enrollment. No changes will be made to evaluations after this time. These and other resources are available here.

Which English 302 section should I take?

IT majors should register for a business, natural sciences/technology, or multidisciplinary section of ENGH 302, as these sections use the most relevant texts. Students may take alternative sections; however, they may find these challenging as the texts will not be relevant to their majors.

I need to take a third or fourth attempt of a course, what do I do?

Registration override request details are available here.

How do I obtain permission to take a course at another institution?

To request to take a course at another institution, you will need to follow the instructions listed, below.
Note: Courses previously attempted at Mason (including withdrawals) cannot be taken elsewhere.  


1. Complete the Undergraduate Students Study Elsewhere form.


2. In addition to the completed form, you would also need to include: A detailed explanation, typed, explaining why you cannot take the course at Mason (example, if the reason is “I can’t commute during the summer,” the CEC Dean's office needs to know why.  Do you have other obligations like work?  Are you unable to find transportation?, etc.)  


Supporting documentation at the time of submission.  (Example, if the reason is “The class I need is only offered during a time I have work,” then you should be providing a copy of your work schedule.  “I will be traveling with my family,” the CEC Dean's office will need a copy of travel plans, etc.)  


3. IST academic advisors do not have the authority to review study elsewhere requests. For advisor signature, you will need to submit all documents to istdept@gmu.edu or 5400 Engineering for review from the associate chair. If approved, it will be sent to the CEC Student Services office for review.   

Graduate Student Frequently Asked Questions

How do I declare/change my concentration?

To declare/change a concentration, please fill out the Change of Program (Graduate) form and email it to msait@gmu.edu for review, advisor signature, and processing.

How do I take a semester or more off?

There is no formal process for Leave of Absence for graduates, but if a student takes two or more semesters off, permission to re-enroll in a program must be obtained. The Graduate Re-enrollment form is available here.

For information about a Graduate Student Parental Leave of Absence, click here.