Submit a Registration Override Request

How to Request a Registration Override


If you are receiving registration error messages when attempting to register for IT courses or SYST 469, you will need to request a registration override. Make sure you are eligible to register for the course by checking the prerequisites/co-requisites and restrictions in the catalog

Override requests are reviewed by the information science and technology advisors in the order in which they are received. Duplicate requests will be moved to the bottom of the queue.

Requests for non-SYST 469/IT courses will not be responded to. Contact the department offering the course for assistance.
Requests sent via non-Mason email addresses will not be responded to. Be sure to use your MASON email address to submit your requests.

How to Request 3rd and 4th Attempts

Request a third attempt of an IT course

Students must complete the Student Success Plan, including the reasons and aspects with which you struggled, and your plans for success in your third and final attempt, then email the form to for advisor review. Third attempts are not permitted in summers. 

If you are unable to register for the course by the last day to add classes for the required term, be sure to submit a to Request to Delay Final Attempt of a Course to, including the reason why you cannot add the course (ex. All sections are full; schedule conflict include supporting documentation; etc.). These are not guaranteed to be approved. If denied, you will be designated for termination at the end of your next enrolled semester and would need to submit a pre-Termination Appeal for review by the Dean's office.

Request a fourth attempt of a course

  1. Student must complete the Student Success Plan and submit it to the department offering the course ([] for IT courses; Statistics for STAT 250; English for ENGH 100/101, 302; School of Business for MBUS 300; etc.) for review.
  2. The course's department will review the plan, then checks approve or deny, and signs the success plan form.
          a. If denied, then the form stops there.
          b. If approved the form must be sent to the student’s advisor or for review.
  3. The advisor will submit the success plan form and academic transcript to CEC Student Services for Dean’s approval.
  4. Student will be informed of final decision.
           a. If approved, CEC Student Services sends ‘Exception to AP.1.3.4’ form to registrar for student to be given override to register for a fourth and final attempt. 

Registration Override Request Form

Third and fourth attempt requests cannot be submitted through this form. Please see the above instructions for submitting such requests.

All other requests (for SYST 469 or IT courses), please submit the necessary information, below.

Requests submitted using non-Mason email addresses will not be answered.

Please allow up to 3 business days for a response. 

Please enter your full first and last name. 
Please enter only a Mason email address. 
Input your assigned Mason G-number.
Enter your Major and/or Minor in the text box. 
Enter the course you want to register for.
Enter the term and year of the course for which you are trying to register.
What (if any) error messages are you receiving?
If applicable, please enter any additional notes about why you believe you are eligible for the course.