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Volgenau School of Engineering
The B.S. in Information Technology degree program is accredited by the Computing Accreditation Commission of ABET,

George Mason University is designated as a National Center of Academic Excellence in Information Assurance/Cyber Defense Research and Education.

IST Announcements, 10/23/2015

In this issue:

  • Spring 2016 Registration Day/Time Available in PatriotWeb
  • Spring 2016 Registration Overrides
  • Selective Withdrawal Period
  • MTA Test Fest
  • Technology and Cyber Security Conference


Spring 2016 Registration Day/Time Available in PatriotWeb
You can now view your specific day/time for Spring 2016 registration in PatriotWeb by following these steps:

  1. Log in to PatriotWeb
  2. Select Student Services
  3. Select Registration
  4. Select Registration Status, Time Ticket, Override Notification
  5. Choose Spring 2016 from the dropdown menu
  6. Your assigned day/time appears on this page


Also make note of any holds that may prevent registration and get them resolved ASAP!


Spring 2016 Registration Overrides
The Override Request Form for Spring 2016 is now available.  If you need an override for a course, you must complete this form.  Submit your requests early to ensure your override is entered before your registration day!

Overrides are needed if:

  1. You have a substitution or waiver for a course that is a prerequisite for a course you wish to register for in Spring.  You can view your substitutions/waivers in your Degree Evaluation.
  2. You wish to register for a Bridge Course.
  3. You need to make a third attempt at a course.  You MUST meet with an advisor in order to obtain this override.

Overrides are NOT needed if:

  1. You are currently registered for a course that is a prerequisite for a course you wish to take in Spring. The system assumes you will pass your current course, and will allow you to register for the next course.  If you do not pass the current course, you must drop the subsequent course before the Spring term begins.  If you do not, we will manually drop you, and you will be responsible for any financial repercussions of the schedule adjustment.

Reminders: We do not waive prerequisites for any reason.  Do NOT submit override requests for courses if you are not eligible for them.  Additionally, please allow 3 business days for the processing of overrides.  If you submit duplicate requests, your request will be moved to the bottom of the queue.

Selective Withdrawal Period
The Selective Withdrawal Period will run through October 30.  Remember: Undergraduate Degree-Seeking students may request a maximum of three selective withdrawals during their entire undergraduate career.  Use them wisely!  We recommend you meet with an advisor before pursuing this route.

MTA Test Fest
Saturday, November 21, 2015
Jajodia Auditorium & Computer Lab 1505


George Mason University Volgenau School of Engineering (Room 1505), Mobile-First, Cloud-First User Group -DC, & the Washington DC IT Pro Camp are pleased to partner with Microsoft & Certiport to offer the opportunity to get certified on Microsoft technology at no cost to you!  The Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) Test Fest is ideal for students looking to validate technology skills and to differentiate themselves as part of the college or job application process. The Test Fest will ensure you have the skills needed to utilize technology, whether in the classroom or as part of an IT team.

What is the MTA certification?
Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) is a recommended entry point into IT certification and job preparation. Pass just one exam and you’ll earn a certification, taking your first step toward a career in technology. If you are just starting your IT career path or are looking to enhance your understanding of IT fundamentals, MTA will validate your core knowledge. MTA is an optional industry-recognized certification for those pursuing a career path in IT infrastructure, database design, or software development using Microsoft technologies.

What is the MTA Test-Fest?
The MTA Test-Fest is a day (or half-day) dedicated to professional development preparing you to take one or more MTA exams. Test preparation material is provided and the exam(s) are offered onsite for free.


Technology and Cyber Security Conference
November 7, 2015
9:00 am to 4:00 pm
Registration begins at 8:30am

At the University of Phoenix® Technology Conference 2015, a free event hosted by the University of Phoenix College of Information Systems and Technology, you will be introduced to cybersecurity, explore best practices for securing the Internet of Things, and examine trends around how to convert data into actionable intelligence.

Do you want to better understand what it means to be secure in the cloud, safeguard your assets, and keep your confidential files away from hackers? Or do you want to learn about the latest trends in Big Data? At this multi-threaded event, you’ll learn valuable information on these topics, as well as how to enter the fast growing field of IT and Cyber Security.

This free event is open to anyone interested in learning about Big Data, Cyber Forensics, Cyber Security, Privacy Issues, Protecting Your Family, and IT and Security Careers.

Register here: