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Volgenau School of Engineering
The B.S. in Information Technology degree program is accredited by the Computing Accreditation Commission of ABET,

George Mason University is designated as a National Center of Academic Excellence in Information Assurance/Cyber Defense Research and Education.

Welcome to the Spring 2018 Semester!

original email sent to VS-BS-INFT-L on 22 Jan 2018

Please read below for some important information.


  • Waitlist overrides expire and are removed if they are not used within the 72 hour time period. If the override is removed you will be required to add back to the waitlist. Your waitlist position will most likely change.
  • The last waitlist overrides are issued 3 days (72 hours) before the semester begins.
  • Waitlists are purged on the first day of the semester. Registration is first-come-first-served.


  • The last day to add full term classes to your spring 2018 schedule is 29 January. It is against department policy to override course capacity. If a course is full, you will need to either take it another semester or watch the course very closely to see if space becomes available during add/drop.
  • Starting 30 January, you are subject to tuition liability if you drop a course.
  • The selective withdrawal period is Mon Feb 26 – Fri Mar 30. If you are in a third attempt of a course, if you selectively withdraw from it, you will automatically be put up for termination for not having completed the course in your required semester.
  • Don’t forget to apply to graduate through Patriotweb, if you plan on graduating this spring. All information about graduation can be found at


  • Don’t forget to schedule an advising appointment with one of the IST Department’s amazing full time academic advisors by using the online appointment system (linked above). Create your account using your MASON email address.
    • Mrs. Cheryl Howe (SciTech campus)
    • Ms. Christy Genova (Faifax campus) *Out on maternity leave February 2018-May 2018*
    • Mrs. Lisa Sevilla (Fairfax campus)
  • The wonderful IST faculty are also advisors…utilize them for career, content, and concentration advising!
  • IT majors can take any of the following sections of ENGH 302: Natural Sciences/Technology, Business, or Multidisciplinary
  • As posted to the student listserv and in the Advising Corner on our website,, on 16 October 2017:
    • If you took IT 106 PYTHON, please be sure to register for IT 206 PYTHON.
    • If you took IT 106 JAVA, please register for IT 206 JAVA.
    • Students who took Python sections of IT 106 SHOULD NOT register for Java sections of IT 206 because they will not be amply prepared to succeed in it.
    • Students who took Java sections of IT 106 SHOULD NOT register for Python sections of IT 206 because they will not be amply prepared to succeed in it.



Good luck this semester, and we hope to see you soon!