MS AIT and PhD INFT students:
Online courses may be of particular interest if you are concerned about potential barriers with your visa for the fall. International (F-1, J-1) students should remain in contact with the Office of International Programs and Services staff (, regarding their requirements.
You can find a list of our online course options through the Schedule of Classes at, searching by term (fall 2021), subject (Applied Information Technology), and campus (online).  For detailed information about each course, we encourage you to visit to review course descriptions, pre- and co-requisites, registration restrictions, and other useful information.  Syllabi are currently being published by our faculty at
Exciting online courses being offered in the fall are:
· AIT 512 – Algorithms and Data Structures Essentials
· AIT 524 – Database Management Systems
· AIT 526 – Introduction to NLP
· AIT 542 – Fundamentals of Computing Platforms
· AIT 580 – Analytics: Big Data to Information
· AIT 582 – Metadata Analytics for Big Data
· AIT 614 – Big Data Essentials
· AIT 622 – Determining Needs for Complex Big Data Systems
· AIT 660 – Cyber Security Fundamentals
· AIT 664 – Information: Representation, Processing and Visualization
· AIT 670 – Cloud Computing Security
· AIT 672 – Identity and Access Management
· AIT 677 – Intelligence Analysis Methods
· AIT 682 – Network and Systems Security
· AIT 690 – Systems Thinking
· AIT 716 – Human Computer Interaction
· AIT 726 – Natural Language Processing with Deep Learning
· AIT 736 – Applied Machine Learning
MS AIT students: If you have questions about your course eligibility and applicability to your programme, please let us know (including your name and G#) and an advisor (Ms. Laura Rhodes or Mrs. Lisa Sevilla) will be able to review your account and provide you with verification.
PhD INFT students: Please be sure to communicate with your PhD Advisor to verify your course eligibility and applicability to your programme.