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Andre Manitius

Andre Manitius: Professor and Chair

Professor and Chair

Office: Office: Engineering Building, Rm. 5400, Fairfax Campus
Phone: 703-993-3565

Andre Manitius, Ph.D. is a Professor and a Chair of the Department of Information Sciences and Technology.

Dr. Manitius received the Ph.D. degree from the Polytechnical University of Warsaw, Poland.

Dr. Manitius’ research interests include mathematical aspects of control theory, including control of distributed parameter and delay systems, optimal control, optimization, numerical and computational methods in dynamical systems and control systems. He has published over 70 papers in his fields of interest, and held various editorial positions with several professional journals. In 1991 he received American Mathematical Society’s Citation for Public Service related to his earlier work at the NSF.

In addition to research described above, Dr. Manitius has also other research interests, which include: estimation methods for signals generated by nonlinear dynamical systems (e.g. the Lorenz system), computational simulation of a control system for the tracking of the eye motion by a camera, motion estimation from a sequence of images, estimation of a geographical position from low-orbit satellite data (work sponsored by Orbital Communications Corporation). Each of these projects combines the use of control theory, signal processing and computation.

In his educational activities, Dr. Manitius emphasis is on the interaction of theory and computation, in courses such as Signals and Systems, Linear Systems (“Modern Control Theory”), Nonlinear Systems, Adaptive Control, Kalman Filtering. He and his colleagues in ECE developed the X-window UNIX computer laboratories in SITE which emphasize use of Matlab in numerical simulation and visualization in electrical engineering and mathematical problems.