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Volgenau School of Engineering
The B.S. in Information Technology degree program is accredited by the Computing Accreditation Commission of ABET,

George Mason University is designated as a National Center of Academic Excellence in Information Assurance/Cyber Defense Research and Education.

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Thomas Winston

Thomas Winston: Assistant Professor

Assistant Professor

Office: Bull Run Hall, Rm. 102, Science and Technology Campus

Thomas G. Winston is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Information Sciences and Technology, and is a member of the Learning Agents Center at George Mason University.

Dr. Winston has a background in telecommunications, information systems security, and international relations. He has focused his career on analysis of cyber threats for Central Eurasia, South Asia and the Middle East. He served as liaison officer at the Department of State and has extensive experience briefing U.S. Government officials on cyber issues. In addition, he has experience as a forensic cyber crime investigator and analyst. Dr. Winston has publications on international relations, law, and critical infrastructure protection. He has published papers for the International Studies Association conference on foreign cyber threats, as well as cyber intelligence and has most recently published a précis of his dissertation at the 49th HICSS conference.

Dr. Winston’s research interests include critical infrastructure protection, social network analysis, information policy, telemedicine, and social and political impacts of technology.

Dr. Winston completed his Ph.D. in Information Systems at Nova Southeastern University. He has also earned his M.S. in Law, Policy, and Society at Northeastern University, Boston; an M.S. in Telecommunications from Boston University; an M.S. in Education, and a B.A in Linguistics/Russian from the State University of NY at Albany.