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Volgenau School of Engineering
The B.S. in Information Technology degree program is accredited by the Computing Accreditation Commission of ABET,

George Mason University is designated as a National Center of Academic Excellence in Information Assurance/Cyber Defense Research and Education.

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Cisco Networking Academy



The key managers of the Cisco Academy have a combined experience exceeding 50 years in telecommunications, information technology and computer education. The strength of this management team stems from the combined expertise in both management and technical areas.

The leadership and alignment characteristics of the management team will result in broad and flexible goal settings to meet the ever-changing demands of the quickly moving educational environment requiring new emerging network services and products.

Management, Support, and Instruction Team

  • Ozlem Uzuner – Chair
  • Khondkar R. Islam – Cisco Academy┬áDirector
  • Pouyan Ahmadi – Academy Instructor/NetAcad Success Lead
  • Alex Jalinous – Academy Instructor


IT 341 – IT Network Fundamentals – Required for BSIT
IT 445 – Advanced IT Networks – Elective for BSIT

CCNA Certification Preparation Program

As a student in the Bachelor of Science Degree in Information Technology, we welcome you to the Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) preparatory program.

As an extra positive for the course IT 445, you will continue in the Cisco Academy using Net Space and Blackboard Web Portals. This will give you the educational material including the latest version of PacketTracer 6.0 (Network Simulation Program) to prepare you for the CCNA certification exam. There is no additional cost for this opportunity. You can download the course material and use your browser to access the material once installed onto your laptop.

When you took IT 341, you were also enrolled in the Cisco Academy. When you enroll in IT 445 Advanced IT Networking course you will start the CCNA-2 (Routing and Switching). Then you will advance with two more courses CCNA-3 & 4, (Scaling Networks and Connecting Networks) taken in sequence. The CCNA course descriptions are available below under CCNA Curriculum Offered. When you complete the IT 445 course, you should be able to pass the CCNA exam, which will certainly enhance your career in your IT acumen along with your BSIT.

The Academy will award you a 60% discount voucher for the CCNA Exam upon completion of the four courses with a 75% or better grade.

CCNA Curriculum Offered

CCNA-1 – Introduction to Networks
CCNA-2 – Routing and Switching
CCNA-3 – Scaling Networks
CCNA-4 – Connecting Networks

Cisco Certifications