Educational Technology

Blue-colored digital graphics. of a cloud, robots, computer, code and a young boy playing a video game.

IST has vibrant research activity in the area of educational technology, including the use of technology for teaching and learning and advancing technology education to produce a diverse and highly qualified future workforce. Through this research, IST aims to increase our understanding of how technology shapes teaching and learning and design technological interventions and educational practices to improve student learning. Research in this field at IST employs a range of methodologies from data mining and machine learning to qualitative research and ethnography. The research, funded by a host of agencies and organizations, is regularly presented at venues such as LAK, EDM, SIGCSE, ASEE, FIE, CHI, and CSCW, among others.  


  • AI-based Learning
  • Engineering and Computing Education
  • Learning Analytics and Educational Data Mining
  • VR in Education and Training

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