Career Opportunities

Female IT professional talking with coworker

When employers seek information science and technology stars, many turn to Mason.

Every sector of the economy relies on digital experts, and whatever your passion, you’ll be able to find a fascinating career in that field. 

Mason faculty have deep roots in the industry and can provide contacts, introductions, and ready-made networks. 

They’ll also provide instruction on the latest developments in the field. When you graduate, you’ll be a step ahead of the pack. 

Lots of Options

The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that careers in computer and information technology are projected to grow 13 percent from 2020 to 2030, creating 667,600 new positions in such areas as:

  • Business and finance. Keep the financial world running smoothly.
  • The environment. Improve energy efficiency and resource management, while reducing food waste. 
  • Medicine and health. Create systems to store data, share patient information, track medication, and reduce health care errors. 
  • Government. Provide quick access to services, compile demographic information, and improve urban transport options. 


IST professionals can also choose from a wide selection of specializations, such as: 

  • Network architects
  • Cybersecurity analysts
  • Programmers
  • Systems analysts
  • Database administrators and architects
  • Information security analysts
  • Software developers
  • Web developers
  • Digital designers