Data Science

IT database machines with colorful buttons stand in a blue lit room.

The central tenet in data science research in IST is enabling data-driven knowledge generation and the development of actionable insights for solving problems using data. IST has expertise in a broad and comprehensive range of multidisciplinary data analytics research; from small to large-scale, structured or unstructured, that has been constructed from varying domains which gives us a unique clue to solve different problems. IST's interdisciplinary expertise enables the development of a targeted research methodology for a given problem that combines statistics, mathematics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence, in extracting the patterns and insights hidden in the complex dataset. Using our data science expertise, our faculty have demonstrated their excellence in the research domain of data mining, database, big data computing, and information retrieval.


  • Big Data Computing
  • Data Mining
  • Databases
  • Information Retrieval
  • Intelligence Analysis
  • Knowledge Engineering, Representation, and Ontologies
  • Law and Ethics in Data Science
  • Web Mining

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