Sponsor IT Capstone Projects

Our senior design projects are supported through sponsorships from businesses in the community. They provide students with resources and advice on how to develop their projects.

Sponsor Criteria

Roles and Responsibilities

Sponsors play an important role in the Capstone Program as they are the stakeholders of student teams, thus being integral to course success.

Sponsors will give students specific real-world business requirements that need information technology solutions. Satisfying these requirements will be the making of a capstone-worthy project. Student teams will work closely with sponsors to plan all the project elements, such as the current business processes, and to research the viability of future state solutions to real-world problems. Communication, teamwork, professionalism, and ethics will be the staple qualities that create strong relationships between the sponsor and the student.

Benefits For Students

IT-492, Students will:

  • Learn the Project Sponsor's Business and examine the competition
  • Review high-level requirements and business challenges
  • Capture and Evaluate Current Business Processes
  • Document Process Workflows
  • Record Quantifications for Current Processes
  • Research improvements and solutions to requirements
  • Present and Finalize proposed solutions to Project Sponsors

IT-493, Students will:

  • Analyze Future State requirements
  • Design proposed solutions
  • Test and implement solution components
  • Provide training to Project Sponsor on newly implemented solutions
  • Initiate handover documentation and transition to Project Sponsor

Benefits of being a Capstone Sponsor

Organizations that sponsor a project will receive technical assistance from George Mason University. Student teams will engage sponsors on matters related to improving and enhancing business processes with the use of information technology. The level of effort will be undertaken by five to seven students in a team for roughly 35 weeks where they are expected to contribute many hours per week to the project. 

You have the opportunity to mentor and guide students as they grow professionally throughout the capstone.